Learn New Phrasal Verbs – Three Important Phrasal Verbs Start with ‘add’

Three Important Phrasal Verbs Start with ADD


Today we are going to learn the phrasal verbs start with the word ‘add’. There are three common phrasal verbs start with ‘add’ – add something on, add up something and add up to something.

What is phrasal verb?

A phrasal verb is a combination of words that when used together, usually take on a different meaning to that of the original verb.

a verb + a preposition or verb +adverb


How to use add something on, add up something and add up to something?

1.  add something on 

Definition: to include something or add it


  • You have to add the VAT on to the price of the products. 
  • I have nothing to add on the merits of the case. 
  • When you add on the amount you have to spend to earn Air Miles, the savings are dubious.
  • How many people can you add on Instagram  per day? 


2.  add up something

Definition: to combine figures to form a sum; to calculate ( bill, expenses, figures, numbers ) 


  • Let’s add up our scores and we’ll see who won.
  • In this popular game, small points can quickly add up. 
  • Can you add up 4 and 8? 


3.  add up to something

Definition: to become a particular amount; to result in something


  • The numbers 2,and 6 add up to 11. 
  • Many small things can add up to a big one.
  • Your purchases add up to $18.38. 
  • The numbers in each row add up to 88.
  • His business expenses add up to  £5,120 a year.
  • We can add three plus four together, as they add up to seven and then add the eight. 
  • The details don’t add up to a complete picture of what caused the explosion. 



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